If you would like to know how people all over the world are using Young Living essential oils to improve their health have a look at this link.  You will see the 50 most recent testimonials and if you would like information on a specific ailment just register (it’s free and they do not bombard you will emails) and you can do a search.

Below you will also find some testimonials from the people in my group. – Francine


9 years ago, when my finances were extremely tight and I knew I needed to make big changes in my life, I began using Abundance. Within a week or so, I noticed people were dropping change in front of me. On line at Starbucks, walking down the street, in the subway…. It happened over and over. Within 1 month a friend called me and offered me her rent controlled apartment that she was giving up – that reduced my rent by ½! 2 weeks later I was offered a new job and that increased my income. I’ve used Abundance ever since and I give it credit for not only bringing financial security to my life but also an abundance of love and peace and overall well being.


Gland problems gone…. as if by magic!

I suffer from sore glands due to stress and lack of sleep. Last week I felt the beginning of a gland problem which I usually solve with a quick dose of antibiotics! Feeling frustrated late one night I took ‘Theives’ and rubbed it on my throat and into my feet. The next morning my throat was feeling much improved. After another application the glands were at rest and I was thrilled.



A little clarity across my eyebrows is my number 1 pick me up. It helps me focus immediately.


Valor, Thieves & Immupower

I put valor and thieves on my feet and immupower just below my armpit. I’ve been doing this for the past three years and I have had only one head cold in all that time.


Fleas & Lavender Body wash

I just had the best experience with the lavender body wash.  My dog Sparky has been suffering with fleas for months! I’ve had my house exterminated and had the Groomer give her two flea baths.  Unfortunately the buggers were back in a matter of days and being that flea baths are so poisonous she can only get one once per month!  So one week later the poor baby is frantically itching and so are my ankles.  I’m waiting for my Longevity to come in, but not soon enough for Sparky.  I grabbed her and gave her a bath with the Lavender Body Wash. They dropped dead as soon as it was put on! Yee Haa!  She’s now as calm as a sleeping baby!  Oh, and Frontline didn’t work!

Sinus Problems

I use a drop of R.C. for my sinus problems. I put a drop on each side of my nose and my sinuses clear immediately.


Mosquito Bites

When I get a mosquito bite I put lavender on right away and it stops the itching immediately.


Diffusing Gentle Baby

We diffuse gentle baby in my photography studio. Everyone loves the smell and it soothes the kids and their parents.


Sinus Pressure

I have lots of sinus problems and usually take medication for relief. I now use peppermint and R.C.. I put a drop on my temples and I inhale it and it helps with the sinus pressure. I have not needed to use my medication since I started using the Young Living oils.



When I get stressed I feel it in my left shoulder/neck area. Sometimes it is so bad that I have a lot of pain and I can’t move my head from side to side. The last time this happened for me I grabbed an oil, probably PanAway and put some on, but it didn’t work. Either it wasn’t the right oil or I didn’t use enough but I thought my pain was just too big for the oils. Of course I should have known better. The next day I had a look at my oils and decided to try Helichrysum. I had just received my first free bottle with my last months order thanks to the monthly promotion and I wasn’t really sure if this oil would do what I needed it to do. I used several drops and worked it into my neck and shoulder area. I began to feel the tension melt away, then over the next 30-40 minutes I could feel the oil work it’s way down my back, sort of like paint dripping down a wall. I had never felt anything like it before. Amazing.


This is what my former skeptical husband has to say now…….

My wife, Francine, has been using essential oils for as long as I can remember. I haven’t been that interested until recently. She performed a Raindrop treatment on me about a month ago. It was an amazing experience and I was impressed with the results. I felt clear as a bell mentally and completely relaxed physically. The technique is apparently supposed to cleanse the body of toxins, which I believe it did, with the added benefit of clearing my mind. Lately, I have also been using single oils with great success: Peppermint for indigestion and stomach tightness; Orthoease for muscle soreness; and various citrus oils in my drinking water for both flavor and alertness. I see the oils work on our kids, like Peace & Calming and Lavender. Even the most skeptical among us could benefit from one or more of these. If not an oil, there are the supplements, like the Multigreens, and the ultimate drink, Ningxia Red. I have an ounce a day without fail. Great for energy and sugar cravings. YL products definitely enhance our lives.


My first Experiences with Young Living OilsWhen I received my first shipment of Young Living Oils, I immediately smelled all the oils in the Everyday Oils Kit.  It was, and still is a wonderful experience just simply inhaling these pure aromas from Mother Nature.    Anyway, I packed some of them as I was leaving on a trip to the Northwest and wanted to begin the process of learning and using them.

The morning of my arrival, I used one of those wide diameter curling irons to fix my long hair just so.   That curling iron gets very hot and sometimes I burn myself with it – the side of my face, the center of my forehead or the side of my neck which is the worst place because people think it is a hickey!  Anyway I had remembered in my early research that Lavender oil is excellent for burns, so I dabbed my forehead generously throughout the day and by the next day there was barely a trace of it.

A few weeks later, I had fallen on my backside and sustained a huge swelling and bruise on one side of my butt.  I put PanAway and Helichrysum on the area at least three times a day and could not believe how quickly this huge bruise disappeared, so that ten days there was only a very small trace of a very large bruise.

Even my emotional state improved as I found myself being happier and more at ease.

And since I began using Peppermint oil in my drinking water, I started to skip having a cup of coffee in the morning, as was my usual routine.   I didn’t feel the need for that mental boost any more.   The peppermint water is so refreshing to the mind and mouth as well!

So these are my first experiences of using Young Living Oils.   Suffice to say, I cannot imagine my life without these oils as I love to smell them, diffuse them in my home, use topically, take internally, cook and even clean with them!

Karen Jean

8 thoughts on “Testimonials

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  3. Ok, so I have been using these oils for everything and loving every new way I can heal with them. Recently I experimented with barefoot running, but on a ridiculously hot day and I had to go back to shoes because the ground was too hot! It was too late and I felt the bottom of my feet had immediately blistered up, I could feel the skin sliding around with space between it. I got back to my oils and put loads of Lavender and Panaway on them, Copaiba as well, and by the next day the blisters were half the size they started, the next day after that, the blisters were gone, like I never was hurt! I was very impressed, and learned not to go barefoot on super hot days, but I am armed if something happens!

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  5. Sleeping and Anxiety Problem
    I have been on medication for over a year now to help with my anxiety and to help me sleep. I haven’t been to fond of lavender or joy. I decided to start putting them on my feet at night that way they were far enough away from my nose it shouldn’t bother me as much. I did this for about 4 to 5 days. I was really tiered one night and was all comfy in bed and to lazy to get up to grab my meds. I concluded I probably won’t sleep so I’d take them when I woke up in about an hour since I can’t sleep without them. To my amazement I slept all night! I seriously couldn’t believe it. So lets say I think I will make myself used to thee 2 oils if that means getting off my medication finally.

    Sincerely Jen

    • That’s great to hear Jen! Other oils that you might want to try are peace & calming and rutavala. Honestly, I did not care for either of those scents at first. Peace & Calming is a great blend for sleep and anxiety issues. It was not a scent that I liked initially but it has grown on me and I now enjoy the smell a lot. i would rub my kids feet at night and we would all sleep soundly afterwards! RutaVaLa is a very powerful sleep aid. It does not smell good at all but it does work effectively. I keep the roll on next to my bed in case I wake up in the middle of the night. I roll a bit on the back of my neck and I am back to sleep in no time. Keep us posted on your progress!
      Happy oiling,

  6. I had a ganglion cyst on my left hand. The bump was a good size and was noticeable. I was in constant pain and could not use my hand. It hurt when I raked leaves. Turning a door knob was painful. Any use of my hand was done in pain. I was so desperate for pain relief that I bought some clay pills that claimed to cure my ganglion cyst. That did not work. Time passed and I lived with the pain.
    My daughter got involved with The Young Living Oils and told me to put a few drops of Thyme and Oregano every night and within a week I could feel the difference. It got better and better and within a few months I had forgotten that I ever had pain in my hand. I am living proof that this worked. The bump is gone and so is the pain. I was just amazed. I researched ganglion cyst on the Internet and surgery was the only way to solve my problem and I solved it with Thyme and Oregano !

    I was having problem in bright sun light and it got so bad that my eyes were tearing and I had to wear sunglasses all of the time. I called my daughter and she said to rub Frankincense around my eyes, without getting it in my eyes. I was just amazed. Within a month I could go outside without sunglasses and I felt great !

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