August Monthly Promotion- The Essential 7 Kit and 10% off Harmony


This month Young Living is giving  away the Essential 7 kit with a 195 PV order.  The kit includes 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Peace & Calming, Joy, Purification, and PanAway.  This is a great collection of oils that can be used everyday in many different ways and the 5 ml bottles are perfect either to keep in your bag or to give as a gift.  I use Lavender for cuts,burns & bruises.  I put Lemon in my water bottle or I clean with it.  I use Peppermint for an upset stomach, fever or a headache.  My kids LOVE Peace & Calming.  I use it if they are having a hard time falling asleep or if they are dealing with an upset.  I love Joy, it is the oil that got me hooked on Young Living in the first place.  After I started using Joy, I threw away all my other perfumes.  It is an uplifting blend that I find many, many people enjoy.  Purification is great for bug bites, as a bug repellant, or can be used to kill mold.  I use it when I forget to take my wet laundry out of the washer.  I put it on the rinse cycle and add a couple of drops of purification.  The not so nice smell is gone and I can put the load in the dryer with no worries of a lingering odor.  I use PanAway for any kind of muscle pain.  If I workout a little too hard or if I strain my back a couple of drops of PanAway eases my pain instantly.  These are just a few of the ways that I use these oils everyday for myself and my family.

The other promotion this month is 10% off Harmony.  I love Harmony and use it everyday as part of the “Feel Good Everyday” protocol.  This would be a great month to get started with this protocol because in addition to 10% off Harmony you will receive a 5ml bottle of Joy for free if you qualify for the Essential 7 promo.  The other 2 oils that your will need are Valor and White Angelica.  Here is the protocol.  I use this everyday and I love it.

Valor – one drop on each foot or one drop on your wrists.  If you put it on your wrists, hold your wrists together for a moment.

Harmony – one drop above your belly button.

White Angelica – you can either put one drop on your hands, rub together and wipe hands from head to toe over your clothes.  I like to put one drop on each shoulder then rub my hands from head to toe.

Joy – one drop over your heart.  I also rub it behind my ears.

Do this everyday and I know you will feel uplifted.  I know that sounds like a big order how could 4 drops of oils make you feel better?   I don’t know how but I know it does.  I also like to add a drop of Abundance to my wrists (I put the Valor on my feet).  When I don’t use these oils I can feel it by midday that something is just a bit off and if I’m dealing with something these oils are the first I grab to support my emotional balance.  All you need is 4 or 5 drops total a day – so one bottle goes a long way.

Please see the Young Living Monthly Promotions page for offer details.


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